Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recycled Cloth

Recycled cloth is a true spiritual commodity. There is alot being written abut concerning American consumerism and the pure lbs of cloth waste created by the confused and the lost. People love to shop and look nice and people also understand the good spirit of recycling. But beyons plastics and papers and glass lies a world of misfit clothes that just need a little love. This is where MU Reconstruction comes in. I have been in the game of recycled and up-cycled clothing for over 3 years and running. My brand is wearable art; from artsy pieces to pret-a-porter to straight up couture quality I provide a fusion of cloth art and selection. Everything I create is one of a kind with exception of the occasional twin or triplet.... pretty much unique to a T. I am currently in the L.A. area please feel free to contact me or comment info for contact about this mission to create happy critters wearing wonderfully styled one of a kind clothes while boosting confidence and comfort and minimizing the waste of society. Love n life and I wish to share my mission with the American people and the world. Now is the time to utilize what we already have and take action. Say YES to recycled wearable art and custom up-scaling. I can create a sewing party with ready-made trunk show and can also perform with live sewing and alterations. There is plenty I can do even upscale your personal wardrobe from your home to make you look all shiny and new again!! Please contact me if you are interested this is an amazing venture that creates a lot of love. I am running strong and would love to meet you! <3

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